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[FANTAKEN] Luhan....

20120528 | 10:43 AM

Poor Luhan, he was being touched all over by the fans, even his neck??! Seriously, that's really creepy! Anyway, let's hope that this situation won't happen again, and we're hoping for more security guards ..

Please be an orderly fans! Give them some space and make them comfortable with us! Those fans have bigger chance to meet our beloved boys than international fan like me but they CANT even treat them well~ i'm very disappointed to those people! They DON'T deserve to call themselves 'fan'!!

ELF, SHAWOL, dan EXOTIC Indonesia jangan sampai seperti ini. Buat mereka bangga dengan kita sebagai fans yang tertib dan menyenangkan. Jaga nama baik negara kita didepan mereka^^ 파이팅!

Via: EXO