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120527 EXO-M at Beijing Capital Airport

20120527 | 9:56 PM

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OMG!! the situation at Beijing airport is out of control…... I kept on reading these fan accounts about how the M members were being molested. Lay almost got dragged straight off the escalator. Poor Lu Han unfortunately got stuck in a sea of delusional fans, they were touching everywhere. He couldn’t get on the car. Even Kris got pushed really bad on the escalator…etc. Manager could only protect Lay and had to kick away some fans who literally lunged at Lay. Lay grabbed the manager and told the him to not be so mean… he kept a smile on the whole time even though girls were ripping them apart(omg Lay stop being so nice! Those delusional fans were hurting you!). Some of the fan club forum organizers started protecting the members by helping to fend off hungry hands, their clothes and shoes got tattered! Imagine if that happened to M themselfes. T.T Where was security???

EXO-M @ Airport: The situation was seriously bad. Luhan was jerked and got to be in fanclub’s crowd and he couldn’t leave the crowd. Some of them tried to approach and touch Luhan. It got worse that manger couldn’t do anything anymore. EXO were jerked by the fans. Luhan was pushed and fell down. The mangers and members were seemed to be pissed off extremely and EXO-M got on the bus and left the airport already.

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