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yey i get stylish award :D

20110108 | 7:49 AM

aaaa it's my first stylish award :D
i received it from imalay naomi lasono . i'm so happy :D

After received the award, i was asked to do something, there is already :

1. Share 8 things about myself
im just an ordinary girl , not a perfect girl ..
love everyone , who loves me too wkwk :3
✿ i'm sensitive , and i dont know how i solve that character :'(
✿ i was a girl who wore glasses minus 3
✿ love to smile , but don't think i'm soim
✿ love shopping very much. i think i need to provide a special budget for this .
✿ i am very shy especially when looking at his face .
✿ very HATE LIAR! so, do not ever lie to me, okey dear ? ^^
✿ lastly, i like to make friends with anyone. i am very happy if one or maybe all of you want to be friends with me .

Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that i have recently discovered
3. mbak ayu larasati
4. muhammad giri hakim
5. fikria nur baiti
6. fitwatur adelia
7. sabrina sholichatin
8. andini hurul aini

Contact those blogger and tell them about their awards
c'mon, take and pick this award to your blog :D

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