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i think thats not fake smile

20101023 | 9:16 PM

my friends said he's "ugly" "bad"
but, whats that ? i never seen before ? smile ? for me ?
i dont believe it hah. is not possible.

he likes me ? no way, -___-
when i saw, thats not fake smile.
IKHLAS, masa sih ?

suddenly, DAG DIG DUG - shy.
heh ? no no no ?
thats wrong ! i dont like him !

actually, i didn't tell to my friend.
i'm confused with my feeling.
certainly, i dont like with him -___-

aku emang ge-eran.
aku ngaku dah.
but is not possible if i like him - he likes me.
no no.

i was child.
dont understand about my feeling.
so dont think strange.

back to the story,
if he smile, cute ! thats real !
i swear.

dont tell me if he will unlock my heart.
which has been broken.
sealed and frozen.
He ate my heart
(I love that girl)
He ate my heart
(Wanna talk to her, she’s hot as hell)

That boy is a monster
(Could I love him?)
-lady gaga : monster-

am i like that ?
i need an answer . .
but i'm scared with that answer . .

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